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Omar Wysong is owner and creative artist of Topanga Patina offering varieties of desert and abstract metal sculptures for the home and garden as well as commercial and custom works. Beware of scammers on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram and Amazon which are all promoting counterfeiters of my work by using and contorting and photoshopping my pictures that they have stolen of my work and of me claiming to sell my art. You can only buy my art here at please report or flag any other sites that claim to be me and or sell my work, they are simply frauds that sell very cheap and fake versions of an actual Omar Wysong artwork. Thank you!

Attain original artworks directly from Omar through this online gallery.

Create your paradise / currently there is a 2 to 3 week turnaround. All cancelations of an order must be made within in two days of placement.

Omar Wysong

Olvera Street Downtown Los Angeles

Bumble Catus with Pink Flower

Massive Blue Tequila Agave

3 Foot Tall Saguaro with Steel Flower