About the Artist

Introducing Omar Wysong, the owner and creative artist behind Topanga Patina since 2014. As a self-taught artist, he is renowned for his unique desert and abstract metal sculptures, including the famous blue tequila agave sculptures, creatively painted in various colors with a natural yet abstract southwestern feel.

Unfortunately, his exceptional work has become the target of counterfeiters and imitators across the internet. These scammers, operating on platforms like Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon, and many others with obscure names, manipulate and distort Omar’s photographs to falsely claim they are selling his artwork.

To ensure authenticity, genuine Omar Wysong sculptures can only be purchased from Topangapatinaart.com or by reaching out to him through his Instagram profile, @omar_wysong. If you come across any other sites claiming to be him or selling his work, please report or flag them immediately, as they are merely fraudulent sellers offering cheap knockoffs. 

Originally from Mexico, Omar now resides and works in Los Angeles, California. His artistic journey began through the theater, commercials, and film, leading him to develop a profound love for sculpture and painting. Fascinated by the American southwest’s deserts, he ventured into welding and metal work, creating rustic metal desert plant sculptures. Traveling throughout Southern California, he sold his artwork at various markets and events, with growing popularity.

In 2015, he joined Etsy, where demand for his distinctive desert sculptures soared. However, he encountered a distressing proliferation of Etsy shops stealing his photos and selling subpar imitations. Disappointed with Etsy’s lack of protection for artists’ intellectual works and reputations, Omar severed ties with the platform, vowing to protect his creations and the works of fellow artists.

Today, with unwavering dedication and a strong team, Omar continues to create and sell his exceptional works exclusively at Topangapatinaart.com. Together, they strive to shed light on the piracy and intellectual property theft rampant on the internet. Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Stay vigilant and support genuine artists and their original creations.