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Artwork for Sale

Artwork for Sale

Tequila Magenta,Rustic,Sculpture


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This lil Tequila Magenta agave wears a dazzling magenta and rustic juxtaposition and will certainly pop in any space placed. Whether you place this unique rustic metal garden sculpture in your garden, yard or indoors it will definitely turn heads and intrigue.


Made of steel this little 12 inch tall rustic metal one of a kind Topanga Patina exclusive agave is 100% hand made in Los Angeles California just minutes from the Pacific Ocean giving the sculpture its unique but ever evolving patina. You won't find this little tequila agave in any store anywhere in the country.


Prepare to add some desert pop and turn many heads once you place this unique little sculpture in the space you desire. These also look great in clusters. Order yours today.


Each piece is handmade and will vary a bit in patina and shape making your Tequila Magenta truly one of a kind!

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