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Artwork for Sale

Artwork for Sale

American Maguey Sculpture


Free shipping within the USA

Follow me at @omar_wysong on instagram for all Topanga Patina artwork and updates!


Enjoy this Americana classic Maguey or “American Agave” which is a species of agave originating from the southwestern states of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.


This one of a kind agave wears a rusty Patina with touches of colonial red and stands at 16 inches tall. You can personally spread their leaves from 12 to 20 inches giving you the flexibility to fill the sculpture’s destination.


In your garden or in your home this unique piece will draw second looks and spark conversations.


Each sculpture is 100% handmade to order and will vary plant to plant making each sculpture one of a kind.


Feel free to message me back if you would like a custom size or color, that goes for all other Topanga Patina works.

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