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Artwork for Sale

Artwork for Sale

Golden Hour Tumbleweed Sculpture


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This delightful golden tumble weed "Plants Rodadora" is mead of steel and will brighten up your home and garden space with a rustic desert ambiance. This is a one of a kind creation by Topanga Patina and only available here.


This tumbleweed will delight you as well as passerby's and may spark a conversation or two. Add this in with your other ToPA sculptures or if its your first of our desert artworks find a place and sit back and enjoy the desert vibes that this warm metal tumbleweed sculpture delivers.


This piece is mad of steel, painted in gold with hints of rust to create a rustic desert juxtaposition and is 14x14x14 inches. This piece is 100% handmade to order and will vary from piece to piece making your Planta Rodadora a true one of a kind Topanga Patina sculpture.

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