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Artwork for Sale

Artwork for Sale

Lava Ball, metal sculpture, metal art,


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Lava Ball, is a volcano inspired metal garden sculpture made of steel and painted in a fiery red with charred black enamel and hints of raw and rusty metal to create the sense of a molten rock flowing from the depths of one of natures most powerful natural forces the "volcano",


These unique Topanga Patina exclusive works can define a pathway, garden or yard. They make a great center piece for a table or home and will add a flare of tropical ambiance and intrigue as it can be utilized as a stand alone sculpture as well.


"Lava Balls" are 100% handmade to order and will vary a bit from piece to piece making your lava artwork a true one of a kind piece.


This sculpture is spherical and is 12 inches in diameter.

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