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Artwork for Sale

Artwork for Sale

Tequila Magenta Sculpture


Introducing the Tequila De Magenta exotic metal desert sculpture. This unique Topangapatina exclusive is a gracious 2 feet tall and can be spread out how you like. It will amplify your space whether it be your garden and or home. Let these sculptures line a pathway or grace an entry way, no matter where this one of a kind artwork is placed it will definitely turn heads. With a bold pop of Magenta streaks and a blend of rust this piece is a raw metal sculpture meant to be distressed and attain a rustic juxtaposition. These ToPA exclusive rustic sculptures along with all other ToPA sculptures are not meant to be perfect big box store bought factory made products but 100% handmade one of a kind works of art. Every Tequila De Magenta will vary a bit making your sculpture a one of a kind desert wonder.

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