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Artwork for Sale

Artwork for Sale

La Rosarita con Flor


La Rosarita con Flor is a 19 inch tall double sided one of a kind desert metal sculpture that gives you depth and three dimensions all the way around so it make for a stunning center piece. This piece is painted magenta with a touch of pink and hints of rust patina for a unique distressed Southwestern Desert juxtaposition.


Present this piece at the center of your next dinner party or display in your home or garden for that touch of warm Southwestern charm!


This piece is a unique artwork exclusively by Topanga Patina made of steel and on a solid steel base plate for extra durability and made to last and can also be retouched if ever needed with magenta and pink spray paint found injust about any hardware store.


This piece is designed by the artist and creator of Topanga Patina Omar Wysong and is unique to the Topanga Patina line of Southwestern inspired metal art since 2013 and are proud to be the originators of much of the modern desert art sculpture scene.


Topanga Patina prides itself on one of a kind high quality original art handmade so each piece varies a bit giving your Rosarita con Flor and any other Topanga Patina sculpture its very own character.


Turn heads with your very own original Topanga Patina desert sculpture, free shipping within the intercontinental USA.


All Topanga Patina art is created by Omar Wysong


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