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Artwork for Sale

Artwork for Sale

5 pieces for Lori


I would like to order the cacti that I emailed you about awhile ago. I would like several rustic blue tequila rustic agave cacti. Total of 5


1, 4 and half foot $399.99


2, 4 foot $359.99 x 2 = $719.98


2, 3 and half foot $299.99 x 2 = $599.98

Total $1719.95


I would like them to all be different, a little more blue in the 4 1/2 foot and a little more blue in the 3 1/2 foot. The 4 foot will be in the middle of those. They will be in a row along my backyard to separate my neighbors yard from mine. Can you let me know the cost and an estimate of timing and shipping. I would also to give you my credit card info but not over an email so let me know. Do I pay half up front and half at shipping. Let me know please. Thanks Lori Sadar 303-263-7346


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