2 1/2 Ft. Green Tequila Sculpture

2 1/2 Ft. Green Tequila Sculpture



Introducing the striking 2 1/2 foot tall Rusty Green Tequila Agave Plant—a remarkable fusion of metal and artistry. Adorned with vibrant green highlights against its rusty steel finish, this sculpture captures a unique interplay of colors.

This Tequila plant promises to enliven any space it graces. Standing without a base, it exudes the illusion of organic growth emerging from the ground. Its 10x10 inch wide base adds stability to this captivating piece. Handmade to order, each plant carries a touch of individuality, ensuring that no two sculptures are alike.

Evoke the sensation of a head-turning centerpiece with the Rusty Green Tequila Agave. Standing tall at 30 inches, this sculpture introduces an element of natural beauty into any setting, whether grade or home. The embodiment of artistic devotion, each piece is meticulously crafted by hand, allowing you to experience the authenticity and artistry that these sculptures encapsulate.

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