Lil Sausalito Prickly Pear Sculpture

Lil Sausalito Prickly Pear Sculpture


Introducing the "Lil Sausalito Pear," a distinctive and exclusive creation from Topanga Patina. This metal sculpture draws inspiration from the vivacious hues of Sausalito, a charming Northern California Bay Area enclave. The piece captures the vibrant energy of this coastal town through its refreshing blue tones intertwined with the allure of natural rust patina, resulting in an exquisite juxtaposition of colors.

Standing at a modest yet captivating 14 inches in height, this unique prickly pear sculpture is meticulously crafted from steel. Its dynamic charm is further heightened by a vibrant pink flower that graces the sculpture in perpetual bloom.

Elevate any setting with a touch of tropical and desert ambiance, be it your home or garden. These Topanga Patina original sculptures are authentic representations of desert artistry, created entirely by hand upon order. The inherent individuality of each piece ensures that your "Lil Sausalito Pear" is a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

As a testament to our commitment to enhancing your experience, we are delighted to offer free shipping within the USA. Embrace the fusion of coastal vibrancy and desert allure with this exceptional artwork, a tribute to the unique beauty of Sausalito.