Maguey of ToPA Rustic Sculpture

Maguey of ToPA Rustic Sculpture


The Maguey of Topa is a Topanga Canyon inspired rustic metal agave that will give any space an elegant desert rustic ambiance. This wide leaf agave stands at 16 inches tall and has a rusty patina only attained by the unique morning marine layer that blankets Topanga then eventually retreats back to the pacific by early afternoon.

This piece is 100% handmade of steel desert sculpture will vary a bit from plant to plant in patina and shape making every Maguey of Topa truly a one of a kind rustic desert sculpture.

Turn heads and spark up conversations as onlookers take in these Topanga Patina exclusive garden works.

Introducing the Maguey of Topa—a captivating rustic metal agave sculpture inspired by the enchanting landscape of Topanga Canyon. Infusing any space with an elegant desert rustic ambiance, this wide-leaf agave stands proudly at 16 inches in height. Its distinctive rusty patina is a testament to the unique atmospheric interplay of the morning marine layer that graces Topanga before gracefully retreating to the Pacific by early afternoon.

Handcrafted with dedication and precision, this desert sculpture is forged from steel, meticulously shaped to embody the essence of the agave. With variations in patina and shape that are inherent to handcrafting, each Maguey of Topa stands as an authentic one-of-a-kind masterpiece, reflective of the rustic beauty it draws inspiration from.

Prepare for admiring glances and engaging discussions as observers are captivated by the allure of these Topanga Patina exclusive garden creations. Elevate your surroundings with a touch of the Topanga Canyon spirit, encapsulated within the Maguey of Topa—an homage to the desert's rustic elegance and the artistic ingenuity that brings it to life.

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