Rusty Blue Tequila Sculpture

Rusty Blue Tequila Sculpture


This is the original 2 foot tall rusty blue Tequila agave sculpture that started it all. made of steel with abstract blue high lights in contrast with its rustic natural patina steel.

Introducing the trailblazing original: the 2-foot-tall Rusty Blue Tequila Agave Sculpture, the very embodiment of a journey that ignited it all. Crafted from steel and adorned with abstract blue highlights harmonizing with its natural rust patina, this masterpiece evokes a sense of artistic contrast that captivates.

With its entrancing allure, this tequila plant sculpture promises to enliven any space it graces. Without a base, it exudes an illusion of organic growth, seamlessly blending with its surroundings.

As a tribute to the ethos of artistry, each sculpture is handcrafted to order, guaranteeing subtle variations that underscore its individuality. Immerse yourself in the rustic elegance of the original, a representation of Topanga Patina's desert-themed sculptures that promise to imbue southwestern ambiance.

With a gesture of appreciation, we offer the added benefit of free shipping within the USA. Embrace the heritage of the Rusty Blue Tequila Agave Sculpture, a masterpiece that has laid the foundation for the unique artistic journey that follows.