2 1/2 Ft. Tequila Oro Sculpture

2 1/2 Ft. Tequila Oro Sculpture


This is a 2 1/2 foot tall rusty Gold Tequila agave plant, made from metal and painted with golden high lights in contrast with its rusty steel finish creates a very unique juxtaposition.


Introducing the captivating 2 1/2 foot tall Rusty Gold Tequila Agave Plant—a masterpiece that marries metal and artistry. Gilded with golden highlights that gracefully contrast against its rustic steel finish, this sculpture orchestrates a stunning interplay of colors.

Watch as this Tequila plant infuses any space it inhabits with radiant allure. Its base-free design imparts an impression of natural growth from the earth itself. A 10x10 inch wide base stabilizes this stunning piece. Handcrafted to order, each plant bears a touch of individuality, ensuring that your sculpture stands as a true original.

Experience the allure of the Rusty Gold Tequila Agave—an embodiment of artistry that illuminates both garden and home spaces. Standing proudly at 30 inches, this sculpture demands attention with its unique presence. As genuine expressions of craftsmanship, each piece is lovingly made by hand, infusing your surroundings with the authenticity and artistic essence that define these metal art sculptures.

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