Young Agave Sculpture

Introducing an exquisite addition to your collection: the meticulously crafted mid-size steel agave sculpture, standing gracefully at 16 inches tall. Poised atop a 6-inch, 1/8 inch thick solid steel base plate, this masterpiece embodies both elegance and resilience.

Adding a touch of artistic variety to your ensemble, this agave complements existing Topanga Patina pieces by offering a different height dimension. Alternatively, as a standalone piece, it imbues your space with an air of desert tranquility, making it an ideal starting point for your collection.

Each sculpture is an embodiment of personalized artistry, crafted with utmost care and attention. Embrace the organic nature of creativity, as subtle variations occur from one sculpture to another, ensuring a touch of individuality in each piece.

To further enhance your experience, enjoy the privilege of free shipping within the USA. Elevate your surroundings with this remarkable agave sculpture that radiates both artistry and serenity.