Transforming Landscapes: Discovering the Beauty of Topanga Patina’s Rustic Metal Southwest Sculptures

With climate fluctuations and conditions across the USA and especially in the American southwest more and more people are looking for sustainable garden options in order to save water and maintenance. It’s definitely a challenge to keep certain types of foliage properly watered and maintained. But luckily companies like Topanga Patina provide beautiful rustic metal southwestern sculptures for the home, garden, commercial, and landscaping needs of businesses and residences looking to save on water, maintenance, and the constant replacement of plants that without an avid green thumb, patience, time and money ultimately look for options to keep up aesthetics of there homes and businesses. 

That is where a company like Topanga Patina, which provides a variety of beautiful desert, Southwestern abstract, rustic sculptures, will help you keep up appearances for your home and business. These 100% handcrafted in the USA desert sculptures will provide you with a beautiful scenic landscape or pops of artistry in your home and your business Topanga Patina has provided over 20,000 sculptures, worldwide to residences and businesses looking. For a Great Way to decorate and intrigue, passer, Byers or customers. These are truly unique pieces of artwork, but you must be careful there have been countless counterfeit sites, claiming to sell omar wysong creator of Topanga Patina Sculptures for too good to be true prices. You will often find these on sites with strange names as well as on Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, eBay Home Depot Instagram Facebook, and many other platforms these are all counterfeit fakes that have stolen Mr. Wysong‘s pictures of his art, and even of himself in the pictures in order to entice gullible customers into buying extremely low, priced too good to be true, priced inferior sculptures often made of materials like aluminum foil plastic and other low-cost materials and they are often DIY projects when you receive them in the mail. The only place you can find these Sculptures by Topangapatina is a topangapatinas @omar_wysong on Instagram, does not sell his original self-created standalone 100% steel welded sculptures. He himself conceived of these Rustic Metal Desert inspires Sculptures in 2014, and has been recognized as the original creator of these aesthetically water-saving pleasing, and intriguing Original works of art. He wants to be sold on Etsy, but after Etsy allowed other shops to openly use his pictures and at times pictures with him in them for fake Etsy shops he decided to not sell on Etsy anymore for their lack of not protecting Artist and Artist in intellectual property, rights and protections. This type of theft of artists, intellectual property is devastating to the artist and their business and now Topanga Patina is an advocate and protecting the original works of artists around the world, so do you be careful if you come across any site that claims to sell the very artworks on or @omar_wysong on Instagram,, and


You can easily find Omar Wysong’s art trail on the Internet, and clearly see that he is the creator and originator of these pictures and works since he has been posting pictures of them since 2015. You can also follow his Artrell on his Instagram page omar_wysong where he has been posting his R words with the dates for almost a decade. Omar Wysong has a large and loyal customer base that knows about his story and intellectual property theft. He has been a victim for the last three years, despite that Omar Wysong, via has continued to persevere and sell. These original works are across the world and are committed to shedding light on this epidemic problem that many artist, artisans, and creators face on a daily basis. Luckily, the truth is there in the history of the Internet and it’s very clear to see so do not be fooled by cheap heartless, imitators that pray on individuals looking to simply beautify their environments, whether home or commercial needs. Please support the real artist and be cautious of devious intellectual property, thieves, that scheme across the Internet on a daily basis. And most of all remember if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.


Omar Wysong is a self-taught artist and former professional, in-line skater, and actor. He came to Los Angeles California at the turn of the century, looking for a career in the arts, starting with professional, in-line skating, where he became renowned across the world for his style and skill set influencing, skaters everywhere grazing many magazines skate videos posters tours he was one of the most popular and legendary skaters in the sport. He then stumbled on to a fascination with theater and began to study at the Los Angeles City College Theater, Academy, and later appeared in several commercials, short films, theater productions, and various media. And after his daughter was born in need of a stable career, he then ultimately came across metal sculpture and was fascinated by the genre.


Inspired by rustic metal arts, and his love of the southwest end of various foliage and plants of the desert. He taught himself how to weld and learn the craft. From there, he began to create his own desert sculptures. Beginning with making metal saguaros, and prickly, pears, and then to his Keystone The Rustic Metal Agave. He began to sell across southern California in 2014 at various outdoor markets swap meets farmers markets, art fairs, and even on Craigslist. Ultimately a customer told him about Etsy, from there it all really began in 2015, January 4 when he opens his first Etsy shop in Topanga Patina. Since he lived off of Topanga and Mulholland in Calabasas and loved rust and cactus and the character, they captured, came the name Topanga Patina. From there it was much like a domino effect quickly selling piece after piece he became wildly popular and successful on Etsy and had 10,000 sales selling more than 20,000 sculptures worldwide when intellectual property thieves recognized his success and stole his pictures and artistic identity. And after going through much hardship over this, he managed to keep Topanga Patina going.


So, if you are looking for intriguing Abstract Rustic Sculptures for your home, and/or business and looking to promote and support artists, make sure to check out topangapatina They are a wonderful Original sculpture provider, and you will truly be satisfied with Omar’s works of art.





  1. Ann Huelsbeck

    You still owe us our art that we paid for May 2022….had no response from you, no metal sculptures shipped and no refund. We are out over $800.00. You are a fraud!!! You don’t care about your customers only that you got paid.

    • Omar Wyson

      I apologize for this delay I completely went out of business and went bankrupt after counterfeiters stole my pictures of my art and claim to be me and send out counterfeits across fake websites on Facebook Amazon Walmart and Etsy completely burying my site. I then basically lost everything and have been homeless in the streets I have recently slowly have started to rebuild and I’m planning on making things right by everyone who ordered from me I feel terrible about what has happened and my only desire is to fulfill the orders now we’re taken. I’m terribly sorry beyond words but I had no intention on ripping anyone off I have sold tens of thousands of sculptures around the world and in no way of fraud and want to make things right by you please let me know if you would like me to complete your sculptures because that is what I am doing for anyone who has contacted me with a missing order. I hope you will understand what happened to me and that I have completely lost my family my business and the faith of my customers which hurts me the most. Thank you so much for reaching out to me let me know but you would like me to do I am back in a small studio space trying to build orders as quickly as possible and to rebuild and start a new. Thank you again for your initial order I hope you are well feel free to contact me at your convenience.


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